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Free Webinar: Using the DMO - 2020 Enriched Data Demo Catalog and "Extras" within Visual Impression  
Thursday, September 3 — 2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT

DMO is a catalog that, once discovered, can become a go-to feature of your 2020 software.  Many DMO items are available as "Extras" in Visual Impression, but there are some items unique to one or the other; do you know the differences? You'll see items we've added to DMO and Extras that you'll be sure to want to use. Another advantage you have through DMO are its finishes within Visual Materials. These materials are an existing resource, ready to use in many ways. In one hour you'll learn how to make your designs more impactful with items from DMO and Extras. 

What you’ll learn:

  • The unique and useful items that DMO has to offer (it's more than just phones and laptops!
  • Review recent additions to the DMO catalog and get a sneak peek at what will be available shortly
  • Learn the differences between the DMO catalog and "Extras" within Visual Impression (and why they're different)
  • How DMO items can make a scene more realistic and why that's a good thing
  • A reminder of how useful DMO finishes can be in your own material palettes
About Presenter, Chad Bulthuis
John Morgan

Following a unorthodox career path, Chad went to school for Interior Design, began as a CAD draftsman, then began working for CAP 15 years ago. He began in Technical Support, moving on to Quality Assurance, and currently wears the hat of a "Jr. Product Manager". Chad is a graduate of Kendall College of Art & Design, earning a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Interior Design. He's taught classes at Kendall, sharing his deep knowledge of AutoCAD and Cap with the next generation of Interior Designers.

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Who should attend: Interior designers, office furniture designers, space planners, office furniture sales and commercial designers.

Cost: Free

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